Healing Arts



Fascia Energetics-  Fascia Energetics is a complete system of Chinese Medical Bodywork that promotes deep physical healing.  In this system the Meridians, Connective Tissues, and Organs are all treated to harmonize and balance the chi circulation and function of the entire body.  This is a treatment for people who are dealing with chronic pain and/or health problems or who want to reset their entire physical and energetic systems to restore their posture and fundamental constitution.  I recommend doing a series of 6 session to get the full, long term benefit of this practice.

The one difference between this and classical Chinese Medical Bodywork is that I have incorporated 16 years of study of the western perspective of Anatomy and Physiology.  Scientific study of Cell Chemistry, Physics and Physiology of the Connective Tissue, and the functions of the Nervous System were not established when Chinese Medical Bodywork was being developed.  By combining the two systems of study I believe that assessment and treatment can be vastly improved.

Energy Work- In these sessions I work as a channel for Archangel Gabriel to work directly with your energy.  The focus of the work is to purify your subconscious and awaken the energy of divine love within.  To facilitate this Gabriel sets spiritual healing patterns deep within your energy that resonate to an ongoing message of love at the same time that he works to dissolve the energetic patterns that hold emotional pain and limiting habits in the body. 

 Each session begins with a discussion about what you want to work on.  This helps to focus the session on exactly what you want help with.  During the next part of the session you will be laying comfortably on a heated massage table while we do the energy work.  At the end of the session we will talk about the work that we did to bring awareness to the changes that were made.  Due to the amount of information that comes through all sessions can be audio recorded to reference in the future.

MVA Massage- MVA massage is focused on getting you out of pain and back to your life after being in an accident. To do this I use massage and energy work in a three step process to help you heal.

1- Relieve the shock and gripping in your nervous system and get your body into a healing state. 2- Stop unnecessary inflammation and splinting to improve fluid circulation and increase mobility. 3- Release the spasms and adhesions in the affected tissues and joints to restore strength and mobility and reduce pain. 

MVA massage can be as gentle or as strong as needed to help you heal as quickly as possible.


Advanced Training for Hands on Healers • I offer private and small group lessons for LMT's and Energy Workers who want to take their abilities to a higher level.  These classes focus on developing skills and knowledge to deepen the therapeutic effectiveness of your work.